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Seniors Priority To Do List

There are a lot of things to do and figure out about the college you will call home for the next four years. Many topics will be covered during orientation, so if you are

able to attend, do so. However, here are three things for your current “to do” list – you should consider and research these without delay:

  1. Housing: If you are not attending college locally, hopefully your college guarantees housing for all freshman. Research all of the options and get your housing deposit in as soon as possible to ensure you get the placement you want. Research how your college assigns roommates – can you choose your own? Is there a survey or some other means used by the college of matching complementary students? Find out, and be sure to check your school’s social media in case new students look for roommates through a school or new student Facebook page.

  2. Meal Plan: Check into meal plan options. Here is a great article which outlines things to look for at your college: Of course, it is essential to explore your options if you have food allergies or other specific needs – and contact the housing or dining office at your campus to get any questions answered.

  3. Health Insurance: Most campuses require proof that all students have health insurance – either a plan offered by the school, or proof that you are insured under your parents’ plan. This can be another large college expense ($2,000 per year or more) so be sure you understand your options. If you are remaining on your parents’ coverage and attending school out of state, check to see that your parents’ policy covers you in that state, and what your medical/mental health provider options are. And parents, please follow up on getting a HIPAA release for your student in case of an emergency. Here is some additional (and very important) information on that front:

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