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Spring Break College Visits

Juniors - are you using the upcoming Spring Break to visit colleges? If you are able to, you indeed should! Here are some things to consider:

1) Spring break is a great time to visit colleges. College visits are always valuable, but more so when classes at the college are in session. Things can be pretty quiet over the summer, so you don’t always get the most accurate read of campus life.

2) Sign up for a tour and attend the information session. You will not only gain a much more thorough understanding of what the college is all about, you will get on their radar screen, as you demonstrate your interest! Sign-ups are on line usually under “Tours” or “Visit Us” tabs often under Admissions on a college’s website.

3) Keep notes – especially if you are visiting more than one college. It is tough to remember which school had the state-of-the-art science buildings and which had the terrific rock-climbing wall in their state-of-the-art gym.

4) If you have neither the time nor resources to travel broadly during spring break, you can still visit a couple of our local college campuses. We are so fortunate to have varied options in our back yard – public, private, religious, large, small…check out SDSU, UCSD, USD and Point Loma Nazarene. You’ll get a great idea of what different types of campuses feel like which should help you narrow down your college wish list.

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